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"20 Best Global Albums 2010" at SoundRoots
2010 "Top Five Albums – World" at WBSR

This music is made in the northernmost town on Earth– Hammerfest, Norway,  less than 20 lines of latitude from the North Pole. Our recording studio is 150 metres from the edge of the arctic ocean. 

Some lyrics are in languages like Kildin Sami and Inari Sami, spoken by merely 5- 600 persons.

This video includes footage/stills from the recording sessions done all over the map: in Hammerfest and Harstad, Norway; Eckerö and Saltvik, Åland; Salvador de Bahia, Brazil):




Since brilliant art needs exclusive framework, this phenomenal music is available as a rare multichannel Audio Blu-ray!
-Walter Bast, Folker, Germany

Mira may be the White Album of the genre!
-Lee Blackstone, RootsWorld, USA

A percussion sonic spectacular that should be included in anyone's collection of "wow" demo discs
-Michael Fremer, Stereophile, USA

Razor-sharp surround sound [...] Irrepressible inguenuity
-David Honigmann, Financial Times, UK

This music is deep, vestigial and organic – what ‘World Music’ tries to be but often misses.
-Marcus Doucette, Sound Travels, USA

A love for the land, from its unpredictable weather to its inquisitive wild reindeer, runs through the passionate strains of this unforgettable album. Highly recommended.
-Midwest Book Review, USA

Both instruments and voices have been recorded stunningly well, and the result is incredibly immersive even in stereo.
-Sam Inglis, Sound On Sound, UK

Artists [..] have combined joiking with contemporary sounds, but no one has updated it so sincerely and acoustically as Jienat.
-Scott Stevens, SoundRoots, USA

One of the most fascinating releases in recent months is Jienat’s album, Mira. [...] [It] is a transfixing recording that incorporates the infectious rhythms of the Earth and the vitality of the marvelous vocal traditions of the Arctic.
–Angel Romero, World Music Central, USA

Obviously world beat you never thought about, this is mind blower from start to finish.
-Chris Spector (Ed.), Midwest Record, USA

If you are like us - and have / enjoy a lot of different kinds of music and are always looking for something that is not the same old derivative this or that - and yet at the same time is very very high quality sound - then you need this.
-Mike Davis, Audio Federation, USA

Being the good shaman of voice and sound, Andreas Fliflet leads us from surprise to surprise, giving new meaning to the songs of the North
-Ethnotempos, France

It is music like this that truly inspires us here at World Music Headquarters.
-Village 900AM, Canada

A superb album [..] A wolehearted thank you to Jienat for making this unique album of its genre available
-AVHD, France

This digital piece of art is perfect to reflect the ice cold music the band plays. [..] A new step in the history of Jienat and again a surprising one.
-Eelco Schilder, FolkWorld, Germany

This is to joik what maybe the Beatles were to rock-and-roll.
-Thailand to Timbuktu, USA

All in all a very exciting release from Jienat, both musically and sonically.
-Audiophile, Norway

...I’m competent enough to make the claim that it’s marvellous sonically.
-Kari Nevalainen, Innerworld Audio, Finland

[Mira] is a world-music sonic spectacular, a voice-and-percussion workout that transcends geographic boundaries. The SACD presented a huge, totally believable soundscape, with various drums and voices emerging from a dense blackness.
-Marc Mickelson, The Audio Beat, USA